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Article: White Bedding - The Unsurpassed King of All

sleeping on white bedding

White Bedding - The Unsurpassed King of All

If anyone says that they’re not a fan of white bedding sets; they’re lying! Because what’s not to love? One of the best feelings in this world is laying down on freshly cleaned, smooth as silk white bedding sets, giving yourself the perfect experience of living in a hotel, without having to spend a dime on them.

While they may look pretty plain from the outside, white bedsheets exude grace and comfort wrapped up in one! The crispness and finesse itself leaves all other types of bedding way behind! This is why hotels invest in this kind of bedding, rather than opting for colored or printed ones! They portray a modern minimalist look, while remaining extremely comfortable to not only look at, but also sleep in.

This is why, you yourself should also invest in white bedding, to give yourself the ultimate hotel-like experience, right at home!

Accessorizing Made Easier

White bedding is that one thing that can be mixed and matched with anything! You can dress your bed up in any way you like with these. For example, your white eucalyptus sheets would go wonderfully well with a sand or light grey colored eucalyptus duvet cover. On the other hand, bamboo sheets would be well defined with a subtle colored duvet cover too! You can also throw in any solid-colored blanket with these white eucalyptus or bamboo sheets (or vice versa), and you will reach newer heights of beauty and comfort combined!

white bedding sets

White bedding is that one thing that speaks for themselves! It is easiest to accessorize because even if you revamp your bed with all white, even that is enough to give your room a classic touch, full of elegance and grace!

Journey Towards Crisp White Sheets

While we can go on and on about how beautiful and calming all white bedding looks, there is a downside to it too; they can be slightly trickier to maintain! Discoloring can become a serious issue in case of all white’s, especially if you leave your bed sheets unattended for longer periods of time. However, what’s a little struggle if the end result is completely worth it?

When it comes to washing, white eucalyptus Tencel sheets should be washed with cold water, and avoid use of any harsh detergents. Similarly, sateen sheets should also be washed with cold water, and preferably, they should be line dried rather than in a machine, since any kind of exposure can greatly harm the underlying fabrics.

washing white bedding

To achieve that ace-white sparkle once again, there are some key ingredients that can greatly help too, ones that can be easily found in your kitchen. You can use vinegar, baking soda and lemon, since all of these have naturally-whitening properties that will eradicate all kinds of dirt, sweats and oils easily, making your white sheets as good as new!

Signing off: While these white bed sheets may be a little trickier to maintain, we wouldn’t switch them for anything in the world!

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