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Article: Eliminating Night Sweats – What Bedding Should You Use?

cotton percale sheets

Eliminating Night Sweats – What Bedding Should You Use?

A sleeper’s worst nightmare: Night Sweats. However, what are night sweats? They are repeated occurrences of heavy sweating during your sleep. They can lead to you tiredly tossing and turning while you constantly sweat, which not only hinders your sleep, but also results in an uncomfortable morning and a horrible mood throughout the day.

facing night sweats

Some causes of these night sweats may be due to medical reasons, which may or may not be in your control. However, there are certain lifestyle and environment factors which you can alter in order to rid yourself of these sweats. So, let’s discuss how you can prevent yourself from suffering from these night sweats.

Change Your Bedding

Your bedding is one of the most important things that can not only affect your overall sleep but can have a great impact on night-sweats too. So, what should you do?

You should switch to Pima Cotton Sheets! These cotton percale sheets are ideal for people who suffer from night sweats. They have enhanced moisture-wicking characteristics that absorb any and all sweat that you may experience during the night.

cotton percale sheets

If you’re still looking for other options, then eucalyptus sheets are another great solution for night sweats. These Tencel cooling sheets are temperature-regulating, which means that they can easily adjust themselves to the outside temperature, so they can be used during summer and winters.

Both cotton percale and eucalyptus sheets are highly durable and can help prevent you from experiencing night sweats.

Avoid Caffeine at Night-time

A long and hard day later? There is nothing more tempting that a hot cup of coffee while you lay among the softest bamboo sheets. Stop - this is something that you shouldn’t do at all! Consuming any caffeine induced drink at a late hour can lead to major night sweats throughout the night. This is because these drinks can “supercharge” your nervous system – which eventually results in sweats as you try to sleep.

Sleeping Environment

Another reason for sweaty nights depends solely on the external environment and atmosphere of the place you sleep. For instance, if you’re a hot sleeper in the first place and are already sleeping in a warm space – then you’re bound to experience night sweats. Also, for some people who are used to sleeping in quieter rooms – even the slightest noise from an external source can lead to night sweats.

Anxiety or Stress

Any kind of anxiety or stress can also lead to night-sweats, because of the constant worrying that takes place in the back of your mind. While this may seem to be an issue that isn’t in your control – its not! There are various activities that you can carry out before you sleep in order to sleep better and rid yourself of all those tensions.

Some of these activities include forms of meditation, exercise and yoga – all of these are bound to help you in calming your nerves before you sleep. Another exciting activity that you can easily carry out is to write in your journal and make a to-do list for the next day. This can greatly help calm you down and make you feel more organized and sorted for the next day.

yoga to help prevent night sweats

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