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Article: Creating A Hypoallergenic Bedroom: Eucalyptus Sheets and Other Factors

suffering from allergies

Creating A Hypoallergenic Bedroom: Eucalyptus Sheets and Other Factors


Absolutely nothing is more annoying than when your bedroom, the one place that is supposed to offer you the highest levels of comfort becomes the place that triggers your worst nightmares: Allergies.

Which is why, instead of chilling around while watching your favorite Netflix series or indulging in your favorite book – you’re catering to a ticklish nose, constant sneezes and rubbing of eyes instead!

suffering from allergies

These indoor allergies can be triggered by a variety of different things such as house dust, mold spores, dust mites, bed bugs and so much more!

So, what do you do? There are many different factors that may be triggering your allergies – come, let’s explore!


If you’re experiencing regular allergic reactions – then we think it might be the right time to replace your bedding (and switch our bedding instead!). Believe it or not, the wrong type of bedding can easily become home to dust particles and bed bugs.

Instead, you should immediately start using eucalyptus sheets which have in-built hypo-allergenic qualities, which means that that they are perfect for people who suffer from allergies. Not only this, they are also anti-bacterial, so you can set your eucalyptus sheets free from trapping any kind of allergens or bacteria – and get the most peaceful and allergy-free sleep instead.

eucalyptus sheets

All good things require a little bit of maintenance. With regular cleaning and washing, your tencel cooling sheets will serve as an extremely long-lasting and durable investment.

Use Air Purifiers

A clean and fresh air is sometimes all you need in order to avoid allergies. However, living in some specific areas, keeping a window open not only brings in a wide range of unwanted flies, mosquitoes, dust but can also bring in hot or cold winds – depending on the time of the year.

air purifier

Which is why, an air purifier should be your new companion. These purifiers use air-filtration systems that keep the atmosphere in your bedroom clean and fresh by eliminating any kind of air-borne particles. Which means that you can easily say goodbye to allergies altogether!

Organize Your Space

Another breeding ground for dust mites is any kind of clutter. So, if you have clutter laying around in your room – you need to eliminate it as soon as you can!

Whether its books lying around on your study table, or your laundry pile mixed with your bamboo sheets intertwined with cotton towels, or even if it’s your makeup lying on your dressing table – it’s always better to store things in closed spaces to avoid dust mites from emerging in the mess.

Vacuum Regularly  

Cleaning your room is a must in order to avoid allergies! Which is why, vacuuming your room in any case, whether you have a carpeted floor or a wooden one, make sure that it’s clean at all times by vacuuming the floor at least twice or thrice a week, more times if you can. This will make sure that at least your floor doesn’t become the breeding ground for allergens that can trigger your allergies.

Bye Bye Allergies!

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