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Article: How to Remove Stains from Your Bedding?

taking care of eucalyptus and bamboo sheets

How to Remove Stains from Your Bedding?

While our bedding sets provide you with the most soothing of sleep throughout the year, there is one thing that even they are vulnerable in front of – stains!

Stains are a part of life! No matter how much we try to walk around them or try to be careful, there’s bound to be a few spills here and there! In case of white bedding, there is the additional problem of discoloring.

What do you do? You’ve invested your money in the most comfortable and luxurious bedding and wouldn’t want it all to go to waste because of a few stains. So, before you decide to directly throw them in the wash, there a number of washing hacks that can help you remove these stains.

How to remove oil stains from your sheets?

Eucalyptus sheets and Bamboo sheets are highly absorbent, which means that they absorb all oils, dirt and other stains very easily. When removing oil stains from your eucalyptus or bamboo sheets, make dishwashing liquid your new best friend! If it’s a stain that has just been freshly born, then this should be the first thing you grab. Use a clean cloth, wet it with some of the liquid, and gently dab the stain to absorb the oil from your sheets and onto the cloth.

removing stains from bed sheets

How to remove makeup stains from your sheets?

Falling asleep with makeup on becomes a part of your life as you step into adulthood (although it shouldn’t), because nothing ruins your sheets AND your skin more than makeup left overnight! You wake up the next morning, only to find that your smooth percale sheets and pillowcases have a patch of makeup looking straight at you. What do you do?

Like your skin, the perfect solution to remove makeup stains would be using a liquid makeup remover. Although this largely depends on the type of makeup you’ve used, if the makeup remover doesn’t work well in your favor, then a staining spray would be the optimal choice.

How to remove general stains from your sheets?

Then there are some general stains such as blood, nail polish spills, blots of ink, wine and other such beverage spills. For all of these, you could try the same dishwashing liquid, and a stain remover. In case the stain remains, there are some other key products that you can use.

remove stains from bed sheets

One of these products is white vinegar mixed with water – producing a vinegar mixture. This is also known to greatly help eradicate any kinds of staining that may be ruining your bedding. Moreover, Hydrogen Peroxide can be fixed with water and lemon juice to create a solution that can easily get rid of darker stains such as blood stains. Baking soda mixed in warm water can also act as a great remedy when eradicating stains from eucalyptus or bamboo sheets.

Beware – what should you NOT do?

When it comes to removing stains - patience and gentleness are the two virtues you greatly need! Keep in mind that the stains may take some time to be completely gone. Also keep in mind that in case of any liquid or solution that you may be using, gentleness is the key. Both of eucalyptus Tencel sheets and bamboo sheets are made of highly delicate fibers, which can be damaged easily if you rub too hard on the stain.

Another thing that can also greatly damage your sateen or percale sheets is the use of harsh detergents and bleach. Even when you put them in the wash, avoid using any substances that are made of toxic chemicals that can destroy the delicate fibers that make up your bed sheets.

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