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Article: 6 Frequently Asked Questions About Bamboo Sheets – ANSWERED!

6 Frequently Asked Questions About Bamboo Sheets – ANSWERED!

6 Frequently Asked Questions About Bamboo Sheets – ANSWERED!

At the end of a long day, nothing matters more than just curling up in your bed and getting the most relaxing sleep – ridding yourself of all the stress of that day. However, the question is how do you achieve this high level of comfort? Your bedding choices can play a huge role in the journey towards achieving this extremely soothing sleep!

It's very easy to get lost in the world of bedding - especially with the difficult terminology used. Among a wide range of options, including eucalyptus, cotton and bamboo - understanding and then making the decision of what type of bed sheets are best suited for you can be extremely difficult.

One type of bedding that we can completely vouch for is bamboo sheets! It serves as the perfect all in one package when it comes to fabric, feel and durability!

Here are 6 FAQs related to bamboo bedding that will surely convince you to invest in these sheets.

What Are Bamboo Sheets Made Of?

In a nutshell, bamboo sheets are made from fibers that are produced from the bamboo plant. These bamboo fibers are long threads that helps create a smoother and silkier texture of the fabric. Moreover, these long fibers are made from a sateen weave. This means that these sateen sheets have a one-under-two-over weave, that gives the sheets a heavier look.

bamboo sheets

Which is better – 100% Bamboo or Bamboo Cotton?

Bamboo Cotton for sure! While the use of 100% bamboo is bound to give you the softest fabric, there are some side effects of it. The fibers are not strong enough to last for long, and are easily breakable. This wear and tear means that you will be required to replace your sheets more often.

However, our blend of bamboo and cotton sheets are the perfect solution! This blending of the two makes the fibers much stronger, which results in them being long-lasting and highly durable.

bamboo sheets

Are Bamboo Sheets Environment-Friendly?

YES! Bamboo Sheets are highly eco-friendly! This is because the bamboo plant is grown organically. It doesn’t involve the use of any fertilizers or pesticides in order to grow. Bamboo itself is a renewable crop, which means that they can be replanted easily. This is why bamboo sheets are considered to be super environment-friendly and a sustainable choice as compared to other bedding options.

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How Can You Wash Bamboo Sheets?

All your bamboo and sateen sheets must be washed with cold water and a mild detergent. Any kind of harsh detergents such as bleach can end up breaking or severely damaging the bamboo fibers. In case of drying them, its preferable to air-dry them on a line rather than throwing it in the dryer. The exposure of heat from the machine can also cause damage to the fibers. For a detailed guide on how you can take care of your sheets, click here!

washing bamboo sheets

Are Bamboo Sheets temperature-regulating?

Bamboo Sheets have incredible temperature regulating characteristics. So, whether you’re a hot sleeper or not – it doesn’t matter! Because our bamboo sheets will cover you throughout the year. They have an extra cooling effect that will keep you cool during the hot summer nights, and they will also provide you with sufficient warmth during the long winter nights. An additional feature of these bamboo sheets is that they are also moisture-wicking. This means that they can also help you if they experience night-sweats or even if you are living in a humid area – then these should be your go-to sheets!

Are they good for people with sensitive skin?

Yes, they are hypoallergenic. This means that they are good for your skin and are suitable for people who suffer from acne. This is because they are considered to be airy, so they don’t trap any kinds of germs, dust or dirt in their fibers

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