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Article: Improving Sleep: One Sound at A Time!

noise pollution not letting you sleep

Improving Sleep: One Sound at A Time!

They say you should fight fire with fire, and while we agree, we thought we’d take this a step further and use it for our own advantage and fight sounds with sounds, instead!

Noise pollution is one of the worst things that have dramatically increased in the past decade. The unbearable noises of the outside world in the form of cars horning, unwanted sounds from nearby premises, barking dogs and so on, can make it extremely difficult for you to fall asleep. Even if, by any chance, you do fall asleep, a broken sleep due to the noise can lead to even more discomfort.

not being able to sleep due to noise pollution

We’ve already talked about how our bedding sets can provide you with the comfiest slumber. So, we thought we’d go a step further and help you eradicate all other external factors that may hinder your beautiful sleep too!

White Noise

The OG of sounds to listen to while sleeping, White Noise, derived from ‘White Light’, mixes various frequencies that can be audible for the human ear. It combines all these frequencies at an equal frequency to produce sounds that are calming for falling asleep! These sounds can be perfect for people who suffer from Insomnia, or those looking for something to drown out external sounds. Examples of white noise range all the way from a television static to a whirring fan, or even the sounds produced from a working air conditioner.

Pink Noise

Similarly, Pink Noise is also considered to largely help you sleep, as you lay peacefully on the smoothest bamboo sheets. While white noise is played at an equal frequency, pink noise starts off at a higher intensity for lower frequency, and moves towards a lower intensity as frequency increases. Pink Noise is usually interchanged with sounds of nature, such as sounds of rainfall, rusting leaves and so on. This type of sound is deeper than white noise, but both work towards the purpose of helping people fall asleep!

sounds of rainfall

Brown Noise

This one’s a personal favorite! As you lay on the softest eucalyptus sheets, wrapped around in the most comfortable duvet cover, brown noise sounds such as thunder, waterfalls, heavy rainfalls and strong waves play a strong role in giving you the perfect sleep! This uses more energy at a lower frequency; hence, a deeper sound effect is produced. This deepness is said to result in mind relaxing, leading to a deep sleep.

sound of waves

Negative Effects of Noise Pollution

While we have discussed the positive effects of relaxing sounds on the brain, it is equally important to analyze the harmful effects of negative sounds on your sleep! 

The gravest outcome that outside noise can have is lack of sleep. As the strong and annoying sound of traffic, quarreling neighbors, or a pub nearby continue to play, you can experience trouble sleeping. A lack of sleep can lead to headaches, loss of productivity and moodiness the very next day.

These noises can also have a harmful effect on your health in the long run, such as increased heart rates and blood pressure issues, both of which can unfortunately lead to cardiovascular diseases in the long run!

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