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Article: Sweave Bedding – Gift Guide 2022

Bedding Gifts

Sweave Bedding – Gift Guide 2022

Finding the perfect gift this holiday season seems to be a priority on everybody’s agenda! Why shouldn’t it be? It’s that time of the year when families and friends get together to celebrate and be thankful for all the achievements and blessing that they have experienced in the last year.

What’s a home without some extra warmth and comfort? That’s exactly what we, at Sweave Bedding hope to provide for you! To bring a touch of love into your homes and be part of your celebrations with our wonderful range of bedding and Egyptian cotton towels!

The Gift of Sweet Dreams

There’s nothing better than giving the gift of a comfortable and relaxing sleep! Whether it’s a friend, a family member, or even a colleague – our bed sheets don’t discriminate! They are gender-neutral and will provide everybody with the coziest slumber ever!

Our Eucalyptus Sheets are a definite hit among all the hot-sleepers! They have cooling properties because of their use of ‘tencel’ and a percale weave, that help make sure to keep the night sweats away. They are also OEKO-Tex approved, moisture-wicking, wrinkle-resistant and super hypoallergenic.

Eucalyptus Sheets

Guess what? We have the ever-soft Bamboo Sheets too! Made from a blend of bamboo viscose and cotton, finished with a sateen weave – the end result is a fabric that will make you feel nothing less than sleeping on cloud nine. Not just soft, just like eucalyptus Tencel sheets, they are also OEKO-Tex approved, hypoallergenic and prevent acne.

Last but not the least, we have not one, but two amazing options when it comes to Cotton Percale Sheets. Found in Pima Cotton Sheets and Egyptian Cotton Sheets – both of which follow a percale weave. The former is the perfect combination of luxury and comfort and are sure to get softer after every wash, and have a thread count of 500. The latter has a very thin and light-weight feel to it, are highly breathable and have a thread count of 400.

The Gift of Tranquility

Scientifically speaking, a warm bath not only helps to enhance mood, but is also the perfect way to detox after a long week.

Imagine being able to gift someone that kind of comfort and relaxation! Our Egyptian Cotton Towels will do just that - by giving a spa-like experience right at home! These extra-thick, highly absorbent and extremely soft towels are everything a bath-lover needs.

Egyptian Cotton Towels

The Gift for Newborns

Give the warmest welcome to newborns! Our recently introduced baby fitted sheets have a universal fit and can easily fit around bassinets, cribs and mini cribs. They are GOTS certified – which means that they are produced using environment-friendly methods and are also chemical-free. Offered in four adorable prints – this is the perfect gift for all new parents because a perfect sleep for newborns automatically means a perfect sleep for parents, right?

Baby Fitted Sheets

Happy Thanksgiving!


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