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Article: Introducing: Baby Fitted Sheets

Baby Fitted Sheets

Introducing: Baby Fitted Sheets

While Sweave Bedding promises to make your life so much more comfortable with our high-quality bedding products such as our eucalyptus sheets or the ever-soft bamboo sheets, we thought why not take a step further and help do the same for your newborns.

So, we did just that! Our recently introduced Baby Fitted Sheets are curated with love, comfort and give your newborns the warmest welcome to this world – because they deserve nothing but the best.

Baby Fitted Sheets

GOTS Certification

When it comes to curating any kind of sheets for babies (and adults alike), it is highly important to ensure that they are made using toxin-free methods and fall under sustainable bedding. Our Baby Fitted Sheets are approved by the Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS), making sure that they are not only the smoothest, but also the safest surface for your baby to sleep on.

All our other bedding such as eucalyptus sheets, bamboo sheets and cotton percale sheets are OEKO-TEX certified, which ensures that parents as well as their babies get the coziest and safest sleep possible!

100% Organic Cotton

Sweave Bedding prides in being an in-house bedding brand. This means that the entire process: from growing the organic cotton all the way to producing the sheets is done by us – ensuring that no harmful chemicals are added in the process, and an elaborate quality check is carried out before our bedding is delivered to your doorstep.

Our baby fitted sheets are made through this process, using 100% organic cotton – without the addition of any toxins or other harmful substances. This once again, ensures that there is no safer sleeping space for your newborn than our baby fitted sheets. The smoothness of these sheets makes them at par with the softness of our bamboo sheets.

Baby Fitted Sheets

Different Sizes

Whether you prefer using a bassinet, crib or a mini crib, our baby fitted sheets have sizes for all of them with a universal fit! They have a 360 degree double elastic, which means that they will fully cover all the edges of the bassinet, crib or mini crib. There will be no edges falling off the mattress, eliminating the risk of the sheets coming out from the edges and causing harm to your baby.

Adorable Prints

Guess what? Our baby fitted sheets come in not one, but two different sets of the cutest prints ever! The boats and clouds set includes these printed animated elements on a white-crème base, ensuring a soothing sleep for your baby as if they were sleeping amidst cloud nine or away in the middle of the serenest sea.

Baby Fitted Sheets

The beach party set also has the most adorable elements of cool shades, flamingoes and beach balls, while the airplanes set has planes flying high in the sky, ensuring a peaceful sleep for your little one.

Other Features

We’re not done just yet! Our baby fitted sheets also have a percale weave that gives the fabric a smooth and crisp matte finish. These sheets are also highly breathable and hypoallergenic, so that your baby can sleep well, without you having to worry about dust mites and bed bugs.


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