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Article: How To Care For Your Bed Sheets?

washing bamboo sheets

How To Care For Your Bed Sheets?

You’ve bought the sheets, you’ve had the finest sleep on them, but now you’re wondering how to maintain their soft touch and care for them so that they remain clean and fresh for longer times. We understand this struggle, and we’ve got you covered! Sweave believes in not just ending their affiliation with you when you buy our sheets, but keep it long after that too. This is why, we’ll explain all important pointers on how you can care for your cotton sheets, eucalyptus sheets and bamboo sheets sheets.

Why Is It Important To Care For Them?

Bedding supplies should always be a long-term investment. It’s not every day that you visit stores to buy bed sheets, duvet covers or blankets. This is why, it’s very important to care for the ones that you have. Not just this, leaving your sheets unwashed can cause many different problems to arise. Dirt, germs and bacteria may grow in your bed covers that can cause allergies, skin disease and so many other problems.

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However, first thing’s first! Before we begin, one thing to keep in mind when washing any kind of bedding supplies is that they should be added in the washing machine separately, one by one, instead of one large jumble of materials. Another thing is that they should be separated by colors and whites, so that the colors don’t get mixed with the whites and cause bleeding or staining.

How Can You Care For Cotton Sheets?

Cotton sheets are perhaps the easiest sheets to care for, since they can be easily washed using warm water and detergent. Try drying them on a clothing line or if you are running out of time, you can also use a dryer for this purpose. That’s about it!

How To Care For Eucalyptus Sheets?

Eucalyptus sheets are generally a little harder to maintain and require a little more care. The fabric should be dealt with gently and when washing, avoid using bleach, strong detergents or any other harsh substances that might cause a dramatic effect on the sheets. In order to maintain the effect of the cooling Tencel sheets, it’s important that they are washed in only cold water, as any kind of heat or hot water can ruin your Eucalyptus sheets. When it comes to drying, indoor air dry is the most preferred method to eliminate risks of sun exposure. Like mentioned, you have to avoid any kind of heat at all costs, so do not use dryers at high temperatures and use a very low setting instead so that minimal heat reaches the sheets.

washing eucalyptus sheets

How Can You Care For Bamboo Sheets?

Like eucalyptus sheets, bamboo or sateen sheets also require extra care. Similarly, they also require washing in cold water and avoiding any kind of heat. Any exposure to heat will cause the bamboo fibers to start shrinking, causing your sheets to shrink. Unlike Tencel sheets, you can use a mild detergent when washing bamboo sheets in the washing machine. However, avoid fabric softeners as they can have a negative effect on the sheets and cause breakage of the fibers. Like all other sheets, drying should ideally be done on a line and air dried, preferably under the sun that’ll help make your sheets extra smooth and wrinkle-free look and feel. If, however, that’s not a suitable option for you, you can machine-dry them, but bear in mind that you put them on the lowest temperatures to avoid direct heat to the fabric.

bamboo sheets

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