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Article: Defeating Acne: Ideal Bed Sheet Types

bed sheets that can prevent acne

Defeating Acne: Ideal Bed Sheet Types

While there are many people or websites out there that will go on and on about the hundreds of solutions and skin care products that can help you get rid of acne, there is sometimes just a simple solution: changing your bed sheet type. This is one key aspect that is often lost when the topic of acne comes up.

bed sheets that can cause acne

We agree, there can be a large number of reasons why you may be facing skin breakouts, marks on skin, pimples and other such issues. However, one important reason can also be the type of bedding that you use. It is highly possible that your bed sheets do not compliment your skin type, thus causing the outage. A bedsheet that is prone to trapping sweat, dirt or any oils in their fibers can be extremely harmful for your skin, since you are going to be spending the next 7-8 hours sleeping in those sheets, with skin contact throughout. Any kind of dirt is bound to crawl its way up to your skin and cause breakouts or inflammation of the skin.

Fabric Types

Sateen Sheets

Out of the different types, Bamboo sheets are the most preferred types of sheets when it comes to sensitive skin types. They are considered to be naturally anti-bacterial, which means that they will keep all bacteria off your skin as you enjoy a good night’s sleep. Sateen sheets are also extra silky so the smooth texture can add extra softness for your skin. Characteristics such as non-irritating, non-bacterial and non-allergenic also add up to why sateen bamboo sheets should be what you should be using if you’re prone to developing acne and skin breakouts easily.

Percale Sheets

Similarly, Eucalyptus Tencel Sheets have the additional cooling effect that can greatly help reduce skin breakouts. The cooling Tencel sheets are made from the pulp of the eucalyptus sheets, that includes properties such as anti-bacterial and antimicrobial, preventing any kind of sweat or dirt from getting trapped in the fibers. People with sensitive skin should opt for these sheets as they can aid in pre-empt breakout, pimples or any kind of redness or inflammation of the skin.

eucalyptus bed sheets

The Solution

There are multiple things that you can do that can help prevent this breakage. Like mentioned, changing your bedsheets to suit your skin types should be your top-most priority. Other than this, make sure that you wash your sheets, pillowcases and blankets regularly so that any kind of dirt or sweat that is trapped under the fibers is easily removed before it can cause any great harm to your skin.

Moreover, people who have sensitive skin types need to pick and choose their makeup products with extra care. Certain items can have harsh repercussions and may not be suitable for people who have oily or dry skin types, hence causing breakouts.

Other times, a certain type of diet can also lead to acne. It's highly possible that you are consuming a certain food item that you may be allergic to and the reaction is causing certain marks or pimples to grow out. It's important to test out these items and eliminate them from your diet, in order to prevent future breakage.

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