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Article: How Can You Store Bedding?

How can you store bedding?

How Can You Store Bedding?

While it’s one thing to organize bedding, it’s a whole different task to store it, especially if you think you have limited space.

However, you may not realize it, but more often than not, you might actually have more space than you think you do. You just need to be extra smart about the way you utilize your space and make most of different ways you can store your bedding items.

Store Bedding

Before you begin storing, it's important to care for your bedding. Make sure that they are all washed, clean and dry. If they’re unclean, it’s highly possible that they may give space for the growth of dust mutes and an invasion of moths – and trust us, you don’t want any of these creeping into your soft bamboo sheets (or any other comfy sheets for that matter).

So, what are those ways that we mentioned? Let’s see!

A Linen Closet

This has to be the most obvious and the best way to store your bedding. If in case you don’t have one, you can simply dedicate an extra cabinet of your clothing wardrobe for your sheets and duvet cover. If the closet has different compartments, then you can have each compartment for different types of sheets.

Using linen closet to store bedding

For example, one compartment or drawer can be solely for eucalyptus sheetsone for towels and so on. This way, you will easily know where each one is, and can conveniently grab them accordingly.

Vacuum-Sealed Bags

If you feel like you do not have enough space, then don’t worry. You can simply store all your sheets in vacuum-sealed bags. The reason why we recommend these is because they don’t allow air to get trapped in them – which means that your bed sheets will remain free from any kind of air-borne insects. If you opt for plastic bags, then they can easily give way to moisture collecting between the sheets, and you may have to suffer from awful-smelling sheets.

The Triple Bs: Baskets, Boxes & Bins

These three different items are sure to help you store your bedding. Why, you ask? It’s because they have lids and be easily closed off from the top. This means that they won’t trap any air or moisture inside them and are an easy way to store your sheets such as Pima Cotton Sheets or Egyptian Cotton Sheets

Using baskets to store bedding

They’re also convenient because unlike linen closets, you can simply just carry them around and place them in a store or in your bedroom, and they won’t even make the room look cluttered since all items will be stored conveniently in one space.

Chests & Trunks

Another way to store any kinds of sheets such as cotton percale sheets is to put them away in chests or trunks. Especially if you may be replacing your bedding as the seasons change. For example, you may decide to put away your eucalyptus sheets for the winter season (even though they are temperature regulating) – then you can put them away in chests.

These chests and trunks can then be easily put away under your bed, to avoid extra space being taken over in your bedroom or storeroom.


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