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Article: How Can You Organize Bedding?

Organize Bedding

How Can You Organize Bedding?

Having the softest bedding sets to sleep on is all fun and games until… it’s time to organize them. However, while organizing your linens may seem to be a herculean task – it’s actually not!

With just a couple of simple tips and tricks, you can easily manage to organize your bed sheets without any problem.

So, what are those tips and tricks? Let’s explore one by one. 

Fold Them All Neatly

First and foremost, it’s highly important that you have all your sheets folded neatly in order to avoid one large clutter of sheets – all intertwined with one another. This is why, you should fold all your bed sheets and duvet covers properly so that you can easily see and access all the items.


Sort Them by Making Separate Bundles

After you’re done folding them all, now it’s time to sort them one by one. For your sheets, you can separate them on the basis of fabric, color, type or in any other way you like. For example, you can store your sets of eucalyptus sheets with other eucalyptus sets, bamboo sheets with bamboo sets and so on. It’s also always better to make separate piles for bed sheets and bath items like Egyptian cotton towels, since you wouldn’t want to have random towels tucked away in between two sheet sets.

Once you’re done separating them, stack them in such a way so that it’s easier for you to distinguish between them.

Add Labels

Adding labels is one of the most important steps when it comes to organizing bedding. If you store bedding in large containers, drawers or your linen closet - always label them! Without these, how else will you ever remember which sheets are Pima Cotton Sheets and which one’s are Egyptian Cotton Sheets?

Organizing Bedding

Hence, make your life easier and add labels!

Arrange According to Sizes

This is yet another simple trick for conveniently storing away your bedding. Make sure that the largest bedding (the one that’s the heaviest) is stored first, so that they can take up all the space they need, without having to be cramped up. After this, you can store your sheets and then pillowcases, which would take up less space compared to others.

Organize Bedding

Another way to organize bedding is according to sizes of family members. For example, the bed sheets of adults are stored first, then come the baby fitted sheets of your newborn – stored last since they take up less space.


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