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Article: A Complete Guide to Organize Your Sheets

A Complete Guide to Organize Your Sheets
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A Complete Guide to Organize Your Sheets

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Is your bedsheet closet similar to a dark abyss where it becomes impossible to find what you’re looking for and once a sheet set goes in, it’s better to forget about it rather than wasting your energy to find it. Honestly, we have all gone through this misery of disorganized and cluttered closet and buying similar items as we forget what we already have in that messy closet.

Believe me, an organized closet is such a relieve. You no longer have to spend an hour looking for your favorite sheet set and you will easily find what you’re looking for.

So, let’s organize our sheet closets in a super fun and easy way.

Clean your closet

The first step in organizing your closet is to take out each and every item out of the closet and clean the closet thoroughly. You can use a vacuum cleaner to deep clean every corner as this will set a base for an amazing closet that we are about to create.

Organize by category

The easiest way to maintain an organized closet is to separate all the items according to their type. Make separate boxes for each category such as fitted sheets, flat sheets, solid colors, printed sheets, pillow covers, duvet covers and towels. Then once you have separated these items, don’t forget to label each box so it is convenient to find what ever you need.

Discard old items

We all have those unwanted items in our closet that we have not used in a year and don’t even plan on using them. So, there is absolutely no point in keeping them and overcrowding your limited space.

Hence, it is best to sort and filter out all the items that you are less likely to use in future.

Wash dirty items

It is high time to leave the habit of throwing dirty items in the closet. Wash all the sheets that you think are dirty and then properly dry them before storing.

Folding is the key

Make you sure you properly fold each and every sheet set together by tucking the pillowcases neatly in to the sheets so that they acquire less space and will also look neat and tidy.

Store the most used items at front

There are some sheet sets that we use more often than others, this is why these sheet sets should be stored at front so that it becomes easier for you to take them out without needing to pull out all the other boxes.

Make your closet smell amazing

The smell of stale sheets is not something that anyone would like, so try spraying your favorite perfume on some cotton balls and place them in your cupboard for a constant scent. On the other hand, if you like natural scents as compared to artificial scents then try using essential oils or place some coffee beans in a container with holes. Coffee also contains properties that absorbs bad odor.

Having said everything, an organized closet is an ongoing process. So, keep on following the above mentioned tips for a flawless closet!

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