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Article: White Noise - Does It Really Help You Sleep?

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White Noise - Does It Really Help You Sleep?

A sound sleep is the desire of every being but noise is something that can really deprive you of that desire. Some sources of noise are in your control and can be taken care of but others like noisy neighbors, a busy road or an old fan can't be catered to in most cases. Let's apply some old math rules here (finally! There is a way to use it). If positive cancels positive and negatives also do the same, to cancel noise you should probably use some noise! We aren't playing with you, it's true! Keep on reading to find out the whys and why nots of using white noise.

White noise for sleep

What is white noise?

White noise tends to balance out surrounding noises and cancels them out which helps you attain a sound and unfragmented sleep. The noise is basically a combination of all frequencies of sound in an equal amount which ends up balancing surrounding noises, regardless of their frequency. It sounds like light rain, swishing leaves or even like a fan. A combination of many varying noises can make one anxious but due to its constant nature, white noise has calming properties often used to calm your nerves making it easier to fall asleep.

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How Should You Use It?

Here's how you should use it; dim the lights, set your pillows and get rid of that phone (use it to play a white noise audio instead). For further blockage of surrounding noise, snuggle inside your duvet and if that feels too stuffy, we suggest you to use Eucalyptus Sheets or covers for your duvet instead as these extremely airy and light. These sheets would also contribute to improving your sleep quality on its own so they would be perfect when coupled with white noise. 

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Does It Only Benefit Your Sleep?

Despite being useful for your sleep, you should still be careful while using it since having it on too high might result in hearing issues. You should also be careful if there are infants around you, since using white noise at a high volume or for an extended time might hinder their language development. You might also become too reliant on it and then sleeping without it would become an issue for you. 


Keeping the above in mind, if used after sufficient research and with the right precautions, white noise can definitely help you sleep better. If you don't want to take the risk, use bedroom plants or foods that help you sleep instead. 

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