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Article: Simple yet Impactful

Eucalyptus sheets
Bamboo sheets

Simple yet Impactful

Sometimes adding simple details and additions to your rooms can have a huge impact. One of the most notable elements of a bedroom is its bed sheet and switching to Eucalyptus sheets can be your attempt at being easy on both your body and the environment. Being a percale sheet, it is extremely fine when it comes to its texture so it is perfect for those who want to keep their interior simple but its subtle sheen and silky appearance enables it to become a statement piece in itself.

Benefits of Eucalyptus sheets

Beneficial For You

Tencel sheets are naturally cooling, making them super comfortable since the fabric is breathable and doesn't absorb moisture which is perfect for hot sleepers. Not only this but its antibacterial and antifungal properties enable it to be easy on your skin so if there is anyone out there who has sensitive or acne-prone skin, this is definitely the one for you!

Tencel Sheet

Good for the Environment

Switching to these can also help you play your part in preserving the environment since they undergo the Lyocell process and their production requires way less water than other types which would reduce your footprint significantly. If you are looking for an effortless change that could improve your sleep and the environment, you should certainly invest in these!

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Bamboo sheets

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