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Article: Should You Wash Brand New Bed Sheets?

should you wash your brand new sheets?
bed linen

Should You Wash Brand New Bed Sheets?

Nothing is better than a fresh set of sheets. Hence, quite frequently, we are tempted to buy new bed sheets and as soon as they are delivered it becomes impossible to resist throwing those new and crisp sheets on your bed and taking a long, peaceful nap. 

However, the debate of whether to wash your sheets before using them always remains. So, let's put this debate to rest.

Recommended: wash your new bed sheets before using 

should we wash brand new sheets?

Removes Chemicals

Chemicals are often added during the manufacturing process. This is why it is better to wash your sheets in order to get rid of the chemical and dye residue which will reduce the chances of any skin irritation or allergy if you have sensitive skin. 

Leaves Sheets Softer

New sheets can be extra crisp and can be a little scratchy. Washing your new bedsheets will help relax the fibers which will make the sheets feel softer and smoother. 

Removes Smell

Fabric passes through a lot of stages starting from spinning to weaving and so on. It is also handled by numerous hands and manufactured in factories. All of this can cause the fabric to smell a little unpleasant. However, washing your sheets will help you eliminate any bad odor. 

How To Wash Your Sheets For The First Time?

When washing your sheets for the first time, always read the care label very carefully and follow the specific instructions of the given product. 

Here are a few other tips if the care instructions are not mentioned.

is it necessary to wash new sheets

Mild Detergent

Use a small amount of mild detergent while washing your new bedding (bedsheets, pillowcases and duvet covers) and use a quick wash cycle with lukewarm water. 

Baking Soda And Vinegar For Washing

A cup of baking soda diluted in half a cup of vinegar while washing can create magic as it will deep clean your sheets and eliminate odor completely.

Fabric Softener

Use a good quality fabric softener in the final stages of washing, This will leave your sheets softer and the sheets will not feel scratchy any longer. 

Tumble Dry

After washing, tumble dry your sheets on low heat to avoid shrinking.

Dryer Sheets

Throw in a dryer sheet or wool dryer balls to reduce static and for ultra soft sheets. They will also leave your sheets smell pleasant.

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