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Article: Is Bedding The Reason Behind Your Acne?

Is Bedding The Reason Behind Your Acne?

Is Bedding The Reason Behind Your Acne?

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We have all experienced that frustrating moment when we wake up and look in the mirror, and there it is, a large red pimple in the middle of the cheek. These pimples are extremely unpredictable and even after indulging in an excessive skin care routine, they still pop out, out of nowhere especially on our most special occasions.

In order to get rid of acne, it is very important to first understand what acne actually is. Acne is a lingering skin condition which causes inflammation on the skin in shape of spots and pimples due to clogging of bacteria, oil and sebum in the pores. The most affected areas from acne are our face, back, upper arms, shoulders, chest and neck.

Now that we have understood what acne is, let’s now look at that one factor causing acne that we almost always forget to tackle with, which is your bed. Our beddings can be the breeding ground for bacteria and one of the main reasons behind our acne. However, you don’t have to worry as we have some simple steps by which you can ensure that your bedding is no longer the culprit behind your acne.  

Regularly wash your sheets

We all are lazy when it comes to washing our bedsheets, but it’s time to change that habit as it is extremely important to wash your sheets at least once a week. However, if you are a hot sleeper, then it is important to wash it twice a week.

To wash the sheets, trying using hot water as it will kill most of the bacteria that has been accumulated in the sheets, however, if the care instructions of your bedsheets recommends washing with cold water, then throw the sheets in to the dryer after washing with cold water.    

Wisely choose your detergent

Try to opt for a detergent that is mild and is fragrance free because fragrances and harsh chemicals present in the detergent can easily make your acne worse. Also, avoid using fabric softeners as these are harsh and are chemical based that can irritate the skin.  

Change the pillowcases frequently

Washing your pillowcases once a week is not enough. So, trying changing your pillowcase every other day by either washing them or having 3 to 4 pillowcases to switch every other day. You can also sleep on one side of the pillowcase and flip it the other day.

Also, choose the pillowcases that are made from natural materials like Tencel which is breathable, hypoallergenic and soft.

Check the material of the sheets before buying  

Make it a habit of checking the material of your bedsheets before buying them as some materials can cause more breakouts as compared to other type of materials.

Try to avoid synthetic bedding materials and opt for natural materials. Try using Tencel sheets as they are made from natural eucalyptus and have some amazing properties that are beneficial for the skin such as being lightweight, breathable and are hypoallergenic. Also, these sheets manage moisture well and are really soft so they will not irritate the skin.

These Tencel sheets are available at Sweave which are made from 100% Egyptian cotton and eucalyptus. Also, no harmful chemicals are used in making these sheets which acts like an added advantage for your acne.

Focus on your night time routine

It is important to wash away the entire day’s dirt and sweat on your face and body before going to bed as all that dirt will then accumulate in your bedding leading to breakouts. Nicely cleanse your face and remove all the makeup before sleeping. Also take a shower before going to bed.

Say goodbye to harsh hair products

Some hair product like your leave-in conditioners can get transferred on the pillowcases on which you sleep. This will mostly likely get in contact with your skin and clog the pores resulting in acne.

Bedding will never be the culprit behind your acne again!

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