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The debate about pineapple on pizza is surely more fascinating but an even more important and thought provoking question is: are flat sheets better than fitted sheets, or vice versa? What makes the two options stand out from one another and what are their respective pros and cons? Although it can be agreed that its merely a matter of personal preference, it never hurts to dig deeper and learn more about what each option holds. 

Fitted Sheets

As evident from the name, fitted sheets come with elasticized corners that tightly grasp the edges of your mattress to cover it directly. With an elastic band sewn into the corners, that ensures a secure fit and remain hugged on to the bed during sleep. They hardly move which not only keeps wrinkles away but also provides a clean sleeping surface. They also serve as a protective layer for your mattress, keeping it safe from from stains and rips. However for a perfect fit, its important to get a fitted sheet with the right dimensions for your mattress.

Flat Sheets

From the outside, it might only look like a large, rectangular piece of cloth, but a flat sheet is so much more than that. It is an expression of your style, taste and an aesthetic upgrade to the overall decor of your room. Traditionally placed over fitted sheets to provide an extra barrier, it also plays a notable role in keeping temperatures balanced while sleeping. With non-elastic edges, flat sheets are more likely to slip off if you move around in bed, which is why a fold-and-tuck technique is used to maintain their place. They can be replaced more frequently than fitted sheets, and can be played around with according to your mood. Using one does demand more time and manual work but at the end, it all boils down to personal taste.

Making Your Choice

If you're unsure about what of kind of sheet will be the perfect fit for you, you can experiment with both types. Fitted sheets are easy to remove and require less time to fold and manage, but it can become a challenge to search for a sheet that perfectly fits your mattress size. On the other hand, flat sheets come with a lot of perks for heavy sleepers. They protect your skin from humid nights and add extra warmth to your body during winters. This temperature balance can have a great impact on the overall quality of your sleep. Serving as an extra barrier against irritants, flat sheets are bound to give you an even sleeping surface, which is like a dream come true. If you don’t mind  regular washing and the time flat sheets require to get tucked in, then a flat sheet can be a great buy.

Harmonize Your Bedroom 

Whether you pick flat or fitted sheets to clothe your bed, make sure to consider style, color scheme, and skin comfort. With our range of Eucalyptus bedsheets, you can find options suitable to your choice. Classic white, ivory and light grey sheets will give your room a soothing minimalist look, that will truly calm your senses. A soft Egyptian cotton touch is essential because the sheet comes directly in contact with your skin, so if you’re allergic or skin-sensitive, then having a cool, breathable, and soft-textured bedsheet will surely improve the quality of your life by giving you the extra comfort you need. At the end it's safe to say, whether you go with fitted or flat sheets, choosing the right material and quality is of the utmost importance for a deep and delicious sleep!!  

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