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Article: Eucalyptus sheets vs Bamboo sheets - Which is the one for you?

Eucalyptus sheets vs Bamboo sheets

Eucalyptus sheets vs Bamboo sheets - Which is the one for you?

If you have researched both Eucalyptus and Bamboo sheets before, you have probably come across similar reviews. It is said that both fabrics have a smooth finish and are suitable for hot sleepers. Both are also considered to help attain a good and refreshing sleep but then where do we draw the line between the two? Let’s explore these in more detail and see which one would suit you more based on your preferences and needs. 

fabric fibers

Difference In Properties

Since Eucalyptus is a tree and Bamboo is a type of grass, the fibers of both also differ with the one from Bamboo being longer. Due to the longer fibers, Bamboo sheets are woven with a sateen weave which makes the texture more silky compared to Eucalyptus sheets. Another difference the length of fibers creates is in the impact of heat. Since Eucalyptus fibers are smaller, they can be damaged from heat so brands usually don't recommend ironing it while Bamboo sheets can be ironed on a low heat. 

Eucalyptus sheets

Difference in Functionality

Now let's point out which sheet does better in specific functions. If you are someone who requires more of the cooling effect, while both sheets do well in this regard, Eucalyptus sheets are still superior. As for durability, while both types are more durable than cotton sheets since they don’t pill and hold their colors better, Eucalyptus sheets also take the win here by a very small margin due to its tighter weave. 

Despite the minor differences, both types of sheet do well in terms of functionality so the decision would come down to your preference and what you require from the sheet. We hope this has cleared your confusions and aided you in making a better decision for a good sleep! 

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