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Article: Do Bamboo Sheets pill?

Do Bamboo sheets pill?
Bamboo sheets

Do Bamboo Sheets pill?

Bamboo sheets are famous for their durability and tend to last you longer than usual sheets but how do they perform against pilling? Pilling is a common issue in bed sheets which is often a result of friction of the sheets while washing or when they interact with your skin or clothing. Keep on reading to find out more on what pilling is and how Bamboo sheets are non pilling.

bed sheet pilling

What Is Pilling? 

When something rubs against a fabric, it often causes the fibers of the fabric to break. These broken fabrics get tangled and collected due to movements and form tiny clumps over the fabric. People often associate that with the fabric quality not being up to par but pilling actually has nothing to do with the quality of a fabric. To prevent it from ruining your fabric, you can either indulge in de-pilling or buy sheets like Bamboo sheets that are naturally low-pilling.

Bamboo sheets

Why Are Bamboo Sheets Low-Pilling?

What makes Bamboo Sheets low-pilling is the fact that it's a sateen sheet so it has a tight weave. Since the threads are sturdy and are tightly woven together. Also, the amount of fibers that escape the weave are very less. Since lesser fibers stick out from the sheet, lesser are the ones that break and clump to form pills. Other sheets, especially cotton, tend to pill significantly more due to the nature of their threads and their weave. 

washing bed sheets

Washing Techniques That Avoid Pilling?

Washing is why a sheet pills the most since it is constantly rubbing along itself and other clothing. Some things you should keep a lookout for to avoid this is making sure that items containing hooks, zips and fabrics with a rough texture are not washed with bed sheets. It is also preferable if bed sheets are hand washed since that is less harsh on the fabric. Research more on what is the right way to wash your sheets to make sure that your sheets last longer.

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