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Article: Can You Bleach Bamboo sheets?

Can you bleach Bamboo sheets?
Bamboo sheets

Can You Bleach Bamboo sheets?

Who doesn't want to cuddle in their sheets, munch on their favorite snacks and watch TV shows? (I would be the richest person on earth if that was a job). However, snacking comes with spilling and dropping (You aren't extra clumsy, we are all in this together!).
No matter how much we spill, we don't want to deal with the consequence of having oil marks on our sheets forever. Using bleach is the most commonly used way of getting rid of stubborn marks but what would that do to your Bamboo sheets? Let's explore that!
Bamboo Sheets

Should You Use Bleach?

Using bleach isn't recommended and it's always better to go with natural remedies instead like dipping your sheets into diluted vinegar. However, that doesn't always work and you sometimes have no choice but to use bleach. For Bamboo sateen sheets or any other fabric, using an oxygen-based bleach is more desirable since it is not very harsh on the fabric. On the contrary, any chlorine based bleach should be avoided since it damages Bamboo fibers and you might end up losing that wonderful texture. 

Washing Bamboo sheets

How Much Bleach Is Enough?

Even though oxygen based bleaches or the vinegar-water solution are preferable to use, you must still use these in a controlled amount. To remove stains from your sheets, first off, test the bleach at a corner to see how the fabric reacts to it. If the bleach clears that, we suggest that you only dip the affected part of the Bamboo sheet inside the solution instead of the entire sheet. 

cleaning Bamboo Sheets

Do You Just Want To Whiten The Sheet?

If your motive is to whiten the sheet rather than removing stains, be mindful of your timing. If you soak it in for too long, the bleach will impact the fibers adversely and the sheet will end up losing the silky texture it gets by being a sateen sheet. Due to this, there is a limit to how much you can whiten your Bamboo sheets with bleach. If you buy good quality sheets, you wouldn't even need to whiten them since they hold their color really well. Where can you find good ones? You are already on the right website!

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