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Article: A 101 On Selecting The Most-Suitable Bed Sheet For Your Bedroom

A 101 On Selecting The Most-Suitable Bed Sheet For Your Bedroom

A 101 On Selecting The Most-Suitable Bed Sheet For Your Bedroom

A bedroom can act as a person’s safe haven, their personal space of relaxation away from the stress of real lives, and so much more! However, one key aspect in reaching the highest level of comfort is having a soft and cozy bed. Nothing ruins the aesthetic of your room like an unattractive looking bed because of unpleasant bed sheets draped over that bed. When it comes to choosing the most appropriate bed sheet set for your bedroom, many hurdles are bound to come in your way, mainly emerging from lack of knowledge of bedding styles.

Sweave is here to release you from the trouble by providing you with a list of four most important factors that should be considered when deciding on the ideal bed sheet set for your bedroom!


The very first step when choosing a bed sheet is to carefully measure the size, especially the length and width of your bed. Any sheet that is ill-fitted for your bed will lead to discomfort of the highest level. If it’s too small, you’ll spend your nights stretching and trying to cover open spots on the bed. On the other hand, if it’s too large, chances of you tripping on the extra material are too high. Beds can come in different types such as Twin, Queen or King. A Twin sized bed can also be referred to as a single bed, usually used by a single person. Queen sized bed is larger than a twin bed, is a good fit for two people, while a King-sized bed is larger than all others.


percale and sateen sheets

Bedding terminologies can be complicated. We get it. It’s difficult to get hold of the differences between Percale Sheets and Sateen Sheets. Percale Sheets are those that have a one-over-one weave that give a smooth end product, whereas Sateen Sheets have a one-under-two-over weave that gives a heavier, yet, intricate look that also helps make them wrinkle-resistant.  


Selecting a bed sheet may seem like a simple task; only until you don’t get to selecting the fabric type. The hardest choice is choosing between Eucalyptus sheets or Bamboo sheets. The difference between them is simple; Eucalyptus sheets are made of percale weave and Bamboo sheets are made from sateen weave. Bamboo sheets are made from a type of grass, with longer threads that provide a silkier texture, while Eucalyptus sheets are made from a type of tree and provide a more cooling effect to their users

solid sheets


Finally, we reach the end-line where you have to choose the design that goes the best with the overall appeal and charm of not just your bed, but your whole bedroom. Bed sheet designs can come in mainly Prints or Solids, consisting of a wide range of color pallets. From printed bed sheets and duvet covers with floral and geometrical prints, all the way to solids in black, green, pink, blue and so much more awaits you at Sweave.


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