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Article: 10 Must Have Items for a Luxurious Bathroom

10 Must Have Items for a Luxurious Bathroom
Bathroom design

10 Must Have Items for a Luxurious Bathroom

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Bathrooms are the tiniest spaces in our homes but we all know that bathrooms are where a big chunk of our time is spent. Whether you are taking a warm bath or doing your relaxing night time skin care routine, your bathroom’s décor and ambiance means a lot.

It is important to pick and choose the right items for your bathroom to transform it in to a luxurious and high-end space. So, let’s give you a list of must have items for your calm and cozy bathroom.

Luxurious Towels

You can not complete your luxurious bathroom without a bundle of soft, absorbent and plush towels. You can either hang them or place them on your vanity after folding them (how to fold towels like a spa) so you can wrap yourself up after a relaxing bath. Use Egyptian cotton towels as they are insanely soft, luxuriously plush, incredibly absorbent.

Egyptian Cotton Towels

Stylish Vanity & Mirror

A stylish vanity is an essential part of a designer bathroom. Also, a big mirror will complete the entire look by tying everything together.

Bathroom Vanity Ideas

Modern Fittings

Modern fittings will instantly elevate the entire look of the bathroom and will make it look very high-end and luxurious. Opt for a jacuzzi if your bathroom is big enough. Other options can be a dual sink vanity and brassy color tones.

Modern Bathroom Fittings

Glass Shower

Separate your wet area from your dry area with a glass shower. Try to opt for a frame-less glass shower cabin as it gives a modern touch to the space and makes the area look more spacious.

 Glass shower cabin


Lighting plays a huge part in elevating the overall ambiance of the space. Choose a mixture of ceiling lights and spot lights with dimmers to create the right atmosphere.

Bathroom lighting ideas

Storage Accessories

Storage is one of the most important things as there are so many things in our bathrooms such as toiletries, skin care products, cleaning items, etc. These things need to be stored somewhere to avoid a cluttered look.

Bathroom storage accessories

Shower Curtain

If your shower cabin doesn’t have a fixed glass door, then it is important to hang a shower curtain so that you can avoid spilling all the water outside. You can play around with different rod designs (straight or curved) and this might be the best time to add a pop of color by opting for a colorful shower curtain.

Stylish shower curtains

Wall Décor

Now its time to bring some character to the bathroom and show off some personal aesthetic. Hang something crafty on your walls to bring the space to life.

 Wall decor ideas

Bath Rugs

You would love to place your wet feet on that fluffy rug after taking a bath.

Bathroom Rugs


An effective heating solution is a must in a modern bathroom as you definitely don’t want to freeze in winters. This will help maintain the right temperature for a calm and relaxing experience.

Bathroom Heating

Mix and match by experimenting with the above ideas to create the most luxurious bathroom space! 

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