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Article: What Are Percale Sheets? - All You Need To Know!

Percale Sheet
cotton percale

What Are Percale Sheets? - All You Need To Know!

There have been many confusions as to what percale really is and it is often confused that percale is a type of material when it is indeed a type of weave. We are here to clear these confusions out! From how it is made, to its benefits and the texture, keep on reading to find out answers to all of your questions.

Percale sheet

How Is It Made?

Like all fabrics, horizontal and vertical threads are woven together to form a percale sheet. Taking the image above as a reference, the only difference is that in this weave, the threads form a grid-like pattern and are arranged in a one on top of one fabric. As a result, the weave is much tighter than other type of weaves which gives it a number of its properties.

Percale sheet

How Is It Better?

Due to the tight weave, as also discussed above, the fabric is way more durable since threads won’t come out of the weave and pill. The fabric also resists a majority of wrinkles so it is perfect to use as bed sheets. Therefore, we strongly suggest you to get percale sheets especially if you have kids (or OCD, lol). The sheets also work well with washing since the threads don’t escape the weave and rather loosen up to make the texture smoother.

How Does It Feel?

The texture of percale sheets is extremely soft and silky thanks to the weave which makes it very soft to the touch and hence, very comfortable to sleep in. To make your sleep even more comfortable, go for Eucalyptus sheets since not only are they soft but also cooling. This makes Eucalyptus sheets perfect or a cool and comfy night and also great for your skin and hair. Hence, you should definitely get one!

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