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Article: Bedding Terms Explained

Bedding Terms Explained

Bedding Terms Explained

Bedding is often underestimated and sometimes ignored. However, it is important to understand the importance of and the difference that good quality bedding makes in your bedroom and your sleep. Consequently, A lot of us find it quite difficult to differentiate between various bedding items and terms. Hence, Sweave is here to clarify and explain all the important bedding terms that one should know.

Fitted Sheets

A fitted sheet is also sometimes known as the bottom sheet is designed in a way that it has elastic all around it's corners so that the sheet tightly and easily fits on top of the mattress. The best fitted sheets are the ones with deep pockets and a double elastic band for a perfect fit. 

The fitted sheet set includes a fitted sheet and two pillowcases. Whereas, a core sheet set includes a fitted sheet, a flat sheet and two pillowcases. 

  • Queen: 60" x 80" x 15"
  • King: 78" x 80" x 15"

fitted sheets

Flat Sheets

A flat sheet is also sometimes known as a top sheet and usually goes on top of the fitted sheet or under the duvet cover as an extra layer of comfort. 

  • Full / Queen: 96" x 105"
  • King / Cal King: 108" x 105"

flat sheet

Duvet Covers

Duvet cover a cover for your duvet filling as acts as protection for your insert as well as adds decorative touches to your room. Choose the duvet cover that has hassle free button closure and corner snap ties. 

  • Full / Queen: 92" x 88"
  • King / Cal King: 108" x 92"

duvet cover


This is a bedding item that everyone knows of. Pillowcases are a rectangular fabric covers that protects your pillow from dirt, dust, bacteria and facial oils. Pillowcases also add an attractive touch to your bed.

  • Standard / Queen: 20" x 27"
  • King / Cal King: 20" x 37"



A pillow sham is a pillow with a false front and creates an illusion. These are decorative pillowcases that changes a normal sized pillow filling in to a bigger one and are placed behind your regular pillows. Pillow shams are usually removed from bed while sleeping. 

 pillow shams


A blanket is a very soft, thick and large cloth that is used to keep you warm.

Percale Weave

Percale weave is a type of weave that follows one yarn over and one yarn under grid pattern. The end result is a very soft, matte, crisp and cool feel.

Sateen Weave

Sateen weave refers to a weave pattern that follows a one yarn under and three or four yarns over pattern. The end result is heavier and luxurious feel.

Waffle Weave

Waffle weave is a special kind of weave that uses a combination of weft and warp floats to create a three dimensional effect.

waffle duvet sets

 Now you will be able to answer any bedding related question!


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