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Article: Scents That Could Help You Sleep Better!

Candles for good sleep
scents for sleep

Scents That Could Help You Sleep Better!

We spend a good fraction of our lifetime sleeping but all that time goes for nothing if the quality of our sleep isn’t good enough. We have already told you how you can improve sleep quality by shifting to Eucalyptus Sheets for better breathability and how Bamboo sheets have a super comfy fabric, but what if you still need more?

Now that you have set up the perfect bedding for a comfortable sleep, the next step is improving your rooms’ ambiance. Scent plays an imperative role in improving your room's atmosphere and we have some suggestions that would do that and upgrade your sleep quality consequently.

Best scents for better sleep


There have been many studies done by notable institutions proving that the scent of Lavender enhances your mood and reduces anxiety which will in turn improve your sleep quality. It tends to calm your nerves and helps you relax which is essential for good sleep.

lavender oil


Another popular choice for good sleep, which is already widely used in the form of a calming tea and often prescribed to people with anxiety disorders is chamomile. Anxiety is a common reason for the lack of quality sleep and tackling this alone can help you sleep better. Chamomile has mild sedative qualities which is why it has been used as one for centuries due to its effectiveness.


People who consider bakeries and cafes to be soothing due to the scent of freshly baked goodies, this is the one for you! Vanilla is not just soothing due to its association with baked items, it actually has calming qualities as well. Due to such properties, having patients take in vanilla scents before an MRI is a common practice so that they remain calm throughout the process.

bedside candle

Including one of these scents in your rooms could be a good way to elevate the quality of your sleep. If you are afraid of the hazards that comes with lighting candles, you can spray scent induced linen fresheners on your bed sheets in lieu. We hope this can put some of your sleep related worries at rest!

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