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Article: Introducing 100% Egyptian Cotton Towels

Introducing 100% Egyptian Cotton Towels
Aesthetic bedding

Introducing 100% Egyptian Cotton Towels

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The best and one of the most comforting feeling is when you head out of your warm bath and then wrap yourself in that luxuriously soft towel. However, if your towel is harsh and doesn’t dry you up instantly, then that surely is bad news.

This definitely means that you need a new towel. However, the problem is finding the perfect towel as there are so many options available out there but only some of them are actually worth your money.

Hence, Sweave thought about this problem and spent a whole lot of time to figure out how to make the best towels that ticks each and every box. This is how our 100% Egyptian Cotton Towels were born.

Egyptian cotton towels


At Sweave, our mission is to build the world's most comfortable bedding and bath products. These towels are crafted using the finest extra-long staple Egyptian Cotton, which makes them feel just right - insanely soft, luxuriously plush, and incredibly absorbent.

Certified Made in Green

Our towels have the highest possible rating from OEKO-TEX. This means that they don’t contain any harmful chemicals, are made in environmentally friendly facilities, and also made in a safe and socially responsible workplace.

Why Egyptian Cotton

Egyptian cotton towels are considered best in class when it comes to high quality cotton. Our plush, extra-thick 100% Egyptian cotton towels instantly upgrades your bathroom (and your day) with superior softness and a luxuriously fluffy feel.


Softer than towels found at many five-star hotels and spas, our bath towels are lofty, thick, and as luxurious as any in the world. These combed ring-spun towels are crafted from pure, 100% long-staple Egyptian cotton woven to 600 GSM. The end result is a beautiful texture, high absorbency, superior breathability and long-lasting strength.

Color Options

These towels are available in five exciting colors: Sand, Stone, Sage Green, Navy and White.

Egyptian Cotton Towels


Egyptian Cotton Towels

We also have an amazing variety of towel bundles: 2 Hand Towels, 2 Bath Towels, 4 Hand Towels and 4 Bath Towels.

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