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Article: How To Wash Bed Sheets

washing bed sheets
Bamboo sheets

How To Wash Bed Sheets

No matter what the fabric of your bed sheet is, our washing guide will make sure that your sheets are as clean and fresh as new so that once you get in those sheets at night, you end up forgetting your tiring day completely. Properly washing your sheets will not only give you comfort, but will also help your best bed sheets last longer. 

Before washing, it's very important to get to know your fabric as different fabrics require different washing techniques and temperature. Some fabrics like cotton bed sheets are super easy and convenient to wash, however, other fabrics like eucalyptus sheets and bamboo sheets can be a little tricky. 

How To Wash Bed Sheets In A Washing Machine?

Most of the bed sheets can be easily washed using a washing machine. The bed sheets that require dry clean only are usually less durable, hence should be avoided. 

The number one tip of washing bed sheets in a washing machine is that don't overload it and make sure that colors don't bleed. Moreover, do not use bleach to wash your bed sheets as it will damage them.

 washing bed sheets

What Is The Right Washing Machine Setting To Wash Bed Sheets?

Carefully read the care label to check the temperature instructions. If the instructions are not stated, then use luke warm water to wash your sheets as hot water can result in shrinking. 

Moreover, use a normal spinning cycle as a fast one can damage your sheets and a slow one will take a very long time for you to wash your sheets. 

Remove Stains From Your Bed Sheets

Removing stains from bed sheets can be tricky as some stains are super stubborn and will not come off by simply washing them. It is important to check for these stains before putting your sheets in the washing machine. Once you have identified a stain, make a thick paste using baking soda and water. Dampen the area and apply this mixture on the stain - once dry, remove the mixture and wash the sheets.

What Detergent To Use For Washing Bed Sheets?

When washing your bed sheets, always go for a small amount of mild detergent. Also, wisely choose between biological (removed stains better but may cause skin irritation) and non-biological detergents (Cleans a decent amount of dirt and is great for sensitive skin types). 

Avoid fabric softeners as they make the sheets less breathable and absorbent. As an alternative, use a small amount of white vinegar. 

How To Dry Your Bed Sheets?

The best way to dry your bed sheets is to place them outside (under the sun as it removes all the bacteria and makes the sheets brighter) on a clothing wire. However, sun can fade your colored sheets, so turn them inside out to avoid discoloration. 

Drying your sheets in a dryer will make your sheets softer. Go for a low heat setting - tumble dry and use wool dryer balls to make the sheets soft, fluffy and less wrinkled. 

dryer balls

How To Iron Your Bed Sheets?

Some sheets tend to wrinkle more that other depending on their respective fabric. Iron your bed sheets while they are slightly damp with a low heat.

How To Store Your Bed Sheets?

Neatly fold and stack your washed and dried bed sheets in an airy closet away from direct sunlight. Folding fitted sheets can be a little tricky and requires a bit of practice.

washing bed sheets

How To Wash Your Bed Sheets Of Different Materials?

How to Wash Cotton Sheets?

Cotton bed sheets are the easiest to care for. All you need to do is - throw them in the washing machine with a mild detergent and warm water. Later, tumble dry on low setting or line dry them.

How to Wash Eucalyptus Sheets?

These all-natural Tencel sheets that are extremely breathable and due to its natural properties, they are hypoallergenic, moisture wicking and durable.

Wash the high quality bed sheets in a cold and delicate washing cycle with a mild detergent. Line dry them outside or tumble dry using a low setting.

eucalyptus bed sheets

How to Wash Bamboo Sheets?

Like Eucalyptus, wash your bamboo and sateen sheets in a gentle cycle with cold water and a mild detergent. Air drying is the best option for bamboo sheets. If not, then tumble dry on low heat and remove the sheets as soon as they dry.

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