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Article: How To Find The Best Bamboo Sheets?

Best Bamboo Sheets
Bamboo sheets

How To Find The Best Bamboo Sheets?

You have probably heard about Bamboo sheets and their many benefits regarding health and better sleep but how to find the perfect one is a dilemma for many. Finding which one feels the best, has the finest amount and type of texture, is the greatest for your skin or will last you the longest starts to feel like a predicament. Here is why you should switch to Bamboo sheets if you haven't heard about these already and some things you should keep a lookout for when shopping for them.

Bamboo Sheets

Why Should I Get Bamboo Sheets?

First off, let's get things straight on why you should even get these sheets over your current cotton bed sheets. Bamboo sheets are extremely comfortable to sleep in since these are sateen sheets, widely known for their texture being silky and smooth but still adding a touch of texture. (Find out more on how Bamboo sheets can add texture to your room). 

Bamboo Sheets

Find The Optimal Fabric

You might have heard or read that sheets with 100 percent bamboo are the best one. Though it might have maximum breathability and be more suitable for hot sleepers, you might have to compromise in terms of durability. Unless you are willing to switch your Bamboo sheets every few months (sheets that are priced at a premium already), we suggest you find the optimal blend of cotton and Bamboo (psst…you can find those at The Linen Company). 

Bamboo Sheets

Check The Certifications Of Your Bamboo Sheets

Yes we know that checking certifications while buying can be a hassle but it might be worthwhile since you are benefitting both yourself and the environment. The Linen Company's OEKO-TEX certified sheets have the highest rating from Oeko-Tex which is a confirmation that the sheets are made using chemical-free and sustainable procedures. 

We recommend making a small checklist on your phone to make sure that you check the above mentioned things before buying sheets next time for a prime experience and maximum value for money. 

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