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Article: 10 Things You Need To Host A Perfect Sleepover

10 Things You Need To Host A Perfect Sleepover

10 Things You Need To Host A Perfect Sleepover

As the weather is getting cold by the day and the holiday season is finally here, it is the perfect time to find more ways to stay indoors and have some fun with friends and what better way to enjoy indoors than hosting a sleepover? 

However, hosting can sometimes be a little intimidating, but don't worry as we have the perfect recipe to a flawless slumber party. So, start taking notes and get ready for a blast. 

plan a sleepover

Create A Guest List

Start of with preparing a guest list and remember that it's best to invite a few close friends to avoid the chaos. After finalizing your guest list, send out invites and start prepping for the night.

Set Up A Theme

Themes can add a lot of excitement to a party, so think of a theme that is creative, easy and fun to follow. Some fun options can be choosing an era or wearing matching pajamas. 

Clean Up The Space

It is super important to clear the clutter and clean up the space before guests arrive. Try to do this one day in advance so that you ample time to prepare for other things on the day of the sleepover. Don't forget to deep clean the toilets to make a lasting impression.

Create The Right Ambiance

Ambiance is a key factor in making or breaking your sleepover as you want your room to be super cozy and comfortable. Light some scented candles, use dim lights and throw in some comfortable pillows.

plan a sleepover

Prepare The Sleeping Arrangement

Having a comfortable arrangement is the most important thing as you don't want your guests to have an uncomfortable night's sleep. Make sure you have clean and crisp bed sheets, new pillow covers, duvet covers or blankets to snuggle in and washed plush towels.

plan a sleepover


Plan A Few Activities

After dinner, plan a few fun activities such as board games, listen to music or watch a movie together. 

Prepare Snacks

Now it's time to feed the guests. Keep the snacks easy to make and easy to eat as well as something that pleases everyone such as sandwiches, pizza and a few easy to make desserts and munchies like popcorn, chips, chocolates and veggies with dip. 

sleepover snacks

Pick A Movie To Watch

Consult everyone ahead of time and pick a movie that everyone wants to watch. Don't forget popcorns and good speakers.

Don't Forget To Take Pictures

Capture all the memories and take as many pictures as possible. 

Prepare For The Next Morning

Keep breakfast for the next simple and quick such as easy to make milkshakes, pancakes, cereal, bagels or muffins. After everyone leaves, clean up all the mess.

Happy Sleepover!

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